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Izmee supports Cesvi’s childhood protection projects

As Cesvi’s charity partner, IZMEE supports projects in Italy and around the world, donating a portion of its profits to the humanitarian organisation for every steel water bottle it sells.

The brand’s partnership with Cesvi benefits three projects run by the organisation, which work in the areas of environmental protection and sustainable development, emergency response and the protection of childhood.

cesvi’s childhood projects

Cesvi operates in the continents impacted by the highest global poverty levels and a number of countries that have the highest infant mortality rate in the world. In 6 countries the charity has built Smile Houses, spaces dedicated to the protection of childhood which provide services and hospitality to orphans, minors living on the streets or who have been abandoned, and children who are victims of exploitation and violence, including in the domestic sphere. The children are offered food, medical treatment, education, professional training, psychological support and anything else they need to enjoy a better future. Smile Houses are located in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Haiti, Brazil, Peru and India.

Cesvi also decided to work in Italy, setting up a national prevention programme against child abuse in the cities of Bergamo, Naples and Bari. The programme aims to support, strengthen and expand the services already provided by its local partners to increase the ability to prevent, identify and respond to cases of abuse. Cesvi’s intervention focuses on two areas: on the one hand it reinforces the resources available to children and their families, while on the other it has a positive impact on the local environment and surrounding community.

The initiatives of the project meet local needs by:

creating spaces where vulnerable children and teenagers can be heard

Children are given a time and place where they can be met and heard. In this space they can share their experiences, express their emotions and what they went through, access information, and discuss and find out more about their rights. These are positive exchanges that increase children’s ability to protect themselves and help the operator identify the risks of abuse and undiscovered cases.

implementing specialist interventions to treat trauma

Psychotherapy aims to reduce the psychological and emotional damage children and teenagers suffer when they have been victims of violence.

supporting parents

Often parents themselves are in need of support. For them, positive parenting courses have been put together to help them understand the stages of a child’s development, teach them the importance of positive, non-violent parenting styles and communication, and offer practical tools to have a successful parent-child relationship.

training professionals about abuse

Training programmes reinforce the skills of operators working with families and children to identify and respond to cases of abuse as efficiently as possible.

To find out more about other Cesvi projects supported by IZMEE: