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Izmee chooses Cesvi as its charity partner

In addition to making a significant contribution to reducing plastic use, IZMEE supports  CESVI an international organisation for the protection of human rights and the environment.
The new drink-à-porter fashion concept company has chosen Cesvi as its charity partner to consolidate its products’ sustainable identity and help support humanitarian projects all over the world.

Based in Italy, Cesvi operates at the international level to help the most vulnerable populations assert their human rights and achieve their goals for sustainable development. Like Cesvi, IZMEE believes that recognition of human rights contributes to everyone’s well-being, all over the planet. With this goal in mind, this primary humanitarian organisation has been bringing Italian solidarity to all corners of the planet for more than 35 years.

The partnership with Cesvi is an essential part of the IZMEE project: the brand donates a part of the earnings from each bottle sold to Cesvi in support of social and environmental protection projects, with the addition, at the current time, of aid in the pandemic emergency.

IZMEE promotes the positive echoes of its experience in a network with other enterprises and service providers. IZMEE has launched a special initiative for all companies aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility: the opportunity to produce a specially designed or customised IZMEE reusable water bottle concretely expressing enterprises’ commitment to go plastic-free, using an iconic item to represent their brand’s style and heritage. IZMEE customised reusable water bottles offer companies an opportunity to play an active role supporting important causes.

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