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mani che tengono borracce iz twin
IZ_TWIN: in two, life has more flavour!

In two, life is wonderful, in two, life has more flavour. IZMEE dedicates its special line of IZ_TWIN water bottles to couples who want to celebrate and strengthen their shared style while keeping their identities distinct. A unique collection, with 100% Italian design, sold only in pairs, in which each bottle represents the other half of the apple: one would not make sense without the other!

The two lovers of GRAPHIC LOVE mirror each other, meet, and find one another again. Soul mates, inseparable, with a glossy finish, a yellow silicone bottom for her and a grey one for him. The BLACK EDEN water bottles, instead, take us back to the most famous couple of all time, Adam and Eve. Not choosing them to stay together for eternity would truly be an original sin.

Finally, the TOON CIRCUS combination is spectacular, with the bottles being distinguished by their colour: one yellow, the other white. The challenge is how not to always carry them with you.

The bottom of the IZ_TWIN water bottles is characterised by an exclusive steel flower with a mirror effect that lovers can use to write on or have their names engraved into.

The cap is 100% steel, while the grey or yellow insert on the bottom is made of silicone to render the bottles silent and non-slip.