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Gift idea for this Christmas: an eco-trendy water bottle!

As December 25 comes closer, are you wondering what to give for Christmas? Here’s an original idea: a steel water bottle.

The countdown to Christmas Eve is always accompanied by a rush to buy gifts to wrap up under the tree.

That desperate last-minute run to the shops, wondering: “What can I give them this year?”. Because while it’s wonderful to give gifts, it’s not always easy to come up with the right idea, and there’s always a risk of giving somebody something they’ve already got, or something impersonal.

Here’s a new idea for this Christmas: a cool, eclectic,
ecological water bottle!

IZMEE’s collections include styles perfect for fashion addicts, art lovers and anyone with a green-oriented lifestyle. But what about corporate gifts? A steel water bottle is a great way of conveying a message of sustainability and a forward-looking attitude.

Why give a steel water bottle?

The answer is easy: because it’s sustainable, practical and beautiful.

Protecting the environment is the focus of much debate today, and many people who are aware of the importance of this issue are adopting a green, plastic-free lifestyle, aware that each of us can and must make a contribution. IZMEE steel water bottles offer an sustainable alternative to plastic, with an ecological spirit that helps reduce the environmental footprint. And that’s not all: lightweight and practical, they are accessories you can take with you wherever you go, to the office, to school, and in your leisure time, to enjoy your favourite beverage without sacrificing its quality and flavour.

And, just like fashion accessories, IZMEE bottles are beautiful to wear and match: the steel water bottle is the fashion addicts’ new must-have accessory. Colourful, decorated, designed: every style represents a specific identity, freely expressing
the user’s personality.

This versatility makes it a useful Christmas gift, available in countless styles!

Twin: Christmas gift ideas for couples

If you think life is better together, the Twin collection is made for you and your companion: two matching bottles, for couples who want to celebrate the style they share while each maintaining their own unique identity.

Bottiglie collezione Twin

Perfect for kindred spirits, these bottles are available with a variety of different decorations, including motifs inspired by classic iconography and graphic styles, with the addition of a steel flower with a mirror finish customisable with a special dedication.

They’re available in a thermal version (IZ_ON) that keeps hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, as well as an extremely lightweight non-thermal version (IZ_OFF).

The perfect Christmas gift for the fashionista

Tailor-like workmanship and precious hand craftsmanship characterise Crystal and Gold, IZMEE’s haute couture collections. Luxury accessories embellished with gold and crystals, for that trendy, demanding, fashion-addicted friend.

Bottiglia Gold IZMEE

Gold is a classy water bottle coated with 24k gold, precious as a jewel for fans of true elegance and luxury. Crystal is a water bottle studded with crystals applied by hand, to sparkle on any occasion for a more aggressive, trendy style.

Steel water bottles can be reused an infinite number of times, so you can be cool without harming the environment.

Brera, for art and design fans

It’s not always easy to find the right Christmas gift for art and design fans, with their a special eye for beauty.

But we have the right water bottle for them, too: the Art Collection by Brera, the product of IZMEE’s partnership with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Bottiglia IZMEE partnership Brera

In this collection, the surface of the steel water bottle becomes a canvas, expressing the theme of sustainability through the creativity of artist Davide Meroni, selected among ten designs presented by students to represent the 2020 collection.

This is a limited edition water bottle that becomes a parchment laser-engraved with a pattern of trees and roots illustrating the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Combining ethics with art, for the most refined tastes!

Christmas gift ideas for travellers

What about that dynamic friend who just loves to travel? A steel water bottle will be doubly appreciated! There are plenty of possible choices, but we recommend the Wild collection, with its decorations inspired by animal prints, for adventurous girlfriends with a bubbly personality.

And what about him? There’s the Ink collection, inspired by the world of tattoos and intended for bold characters who love freedom and motion, with style, of course; or the Jungle Army water bottle with its camouflage pattern, for more combative types! And finally, for the reflective, nature-loving type, how about Blurred Leaf, decorated in the colours of the rainforest.

borraccia rider soul

Now here’s an extra idea for a very special Christmas gift: combine your chosen water bottle with a matching accessory, such as a hand-stitched leather or hide carry strap adding a touch of classic elegance. Or a furry, animal print or colourful strap to add an extra cool touch. Or yet again, a trendy handle so you can carry your IZMEE steel water bottle with you wherever you go.

The new Barbie collection

Romantic, glamorous, always in style: who could ever forget Barbie?

Bottiglie Izmee con partnership Barbie

IZMEE has come up with a new collection inspired by the icon of style who was a part of pretty much every girl’s childhood, for the woman who has kept her girlish spirit!

Black, white and fuchsia, for “grown-up girls” who love urban style and metropolitan charm.

And for the girl who likes to sparkle on any occasion, how about Crystal Barbie, a bottle decorated with hand-applied fuchsia crystals: the perfect Christmas gift for a friend, sister or girlfriend who loves contemporary feminine style.

For people who really love Christmas

Sparkling Christmas lights fill our streets and homes with a festive atmosphere: Christmas is many people’s favourite time of year.

The sparkling, metallic flashes of the Metal collection are perfect for those who wish Christmas could last all year.

The water bottles in the Metal collection are available in five different colours for all kinds of personalities: bright, Christmassy red; powder pink for the optimistic dreamer; elegant, determined ruby red; slate grey, for bold characters of great integrity; and fearless, futuristic petroleum blue.

The perfect Christmas gift for the green-oriented business

So far, we’ve been talking about personal gifts for friends and loved ones. But the steel water bottle is also the perfect gift idea for businesses wanting to make their customers, suppliers and employees feel special.

Corporate gifts are a very important promotional tool for boosting brand fidelity and image outside the company and for expressing gratitude and appreciation to employees within it.

Giving an IZMEE steel water bottle is an expression of specific values: aesthetic values such as beauty, design and quality, and ethical values conveying a message of sustainability and focus on the environment. A gift that is never banal, conveying plenty of personality and positive vibes.

Perfect for employees and consultants, but also as a fashionable, non-institutional gift for customers and suppliers, the Full collection, with its textured finishes, is an elegant, solidly built line of water bottles available in seven colours.

The Glossy Collection is made of shiny steel to brighten up the day, expressing a positive attitude to life with its sparkling colours.

Complete your gift with a matching accessory, such as a faux leather wrist bottle holder.

An extra special idea: matching accessories

accessorio portaborracce

One last word of advice on Christmas gifts: steel water bottles are even more special with the addition of matching fashion accessories:

  • carry straps: made of colourful leather (with a buckle or velcro fastening) for a futuristic cosmopolitan style, faux leather (in a single colour or animal print) for an extra fashionable touch; or hand-stitched cowhide, to express pure elegance.
  • handles: made of faux fur in a variety of styles ranging from exotic to camouflage and animal prints. Faux leather wrist straps are also available, with clean lines and timeless style.

The most glamorous way of taking your steel water bottle with you wherever you go.