BARBIE WAVE – Thermal Bottle 510ml

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Capacità: 510 ml / 17,2 oz
Tipologia: IZ_ON - THERMIC
Availability Available
SKU: 0110510A000100

Super lightweight thermal water steel bottle designed in collaboration with ©Mattel. Anti-slipped base with a steel mirroring effect flower. Shiny finish with black, white and of course pink twisted pattern, black cap.

IZ_ON is the thermal IZMEE that maintains the temperature: 12 H HOT / 24 H COLD.

Name: IZ_ON
Finish: Shiny
Material: 304 FOOD GRADE STEEL
Size: 510 ml / 17,2 oz
Weight: 250 gr
Height: 21,50 cm
Diameter: 6,8 cm

IZMEE is the thermal steel bottle 304, 100% BPA & PLASTIC FREE, that maintains the liquid temperature: hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.
The innovative Q3system of IZMEE has two steel sides and one copper coat that guarantee the thermal head into the top of a lightweight while obstacle the condensation.
The wide opening of the neck allows the insert of ice cubes and eases the cleaning.The quality and flavors of liquids keep unchanged.
We recommend hand wash or dishwasher max 45°. Plane boarding is allowed.

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