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The trends for 2020. pambianco magazine presents full lemon.

Pambianco Magazine makes way for colour! The authoritative fashion, design, beauty and luxury publication with a focus on key brands in the fashion industry shows off a vitamin-packed total look for fashionistas who want to make sure they’re noticed on the beach.

This season’s essential accessories to take with you at all times include the Full Lemon steel water bottle from IZMEE’s IZ_FULL collection.

After the darkness of lockdown, the world of fashion gets going again with a burst of energy, offering revitalising clothing and accessories such as the Malì beachwear capsule collection, Alberta Ferretti’s fabrics, and Sportmax eyewear, which go perfectly with IZMEE’s FULL LEMON steel water bottle to create an air of unassailable vitality.

The design of the bottle is 100% Italian, and it’s made of steel with a sandy finish. The base is made of grey silicone with a customisable steel flower polished to a mirror sheen.

Perfect for use on the beach or when exercising, FULL LEMON comes in two versions, IZ_OFF – a practical, convenient uninsulated bottle that stands out for its light weight and slim style ergonomic design, and IZ_ON – an insulated bottle with two layers that keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for 24 hours.

Take the energy of IZMEE with you wherever you go, for a full colour summer!