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Izmee bottles on Vanity Fair, for a sustainable summer full of glam

“Combining glamour and a green sensibility, a fashionable accessory and a sustainable lifestyle has become not only possible, but a must-have for the summer”. This is how Vanity Fair describes IZMEE’s ambitious project and steel water bottles.

Cheerful and colourful”, IZMEE steel water bottles are defined as “the most fashionable option currently available”. IZMEE steel bottles make playful reference to the current plastic free trend and, at the same time, allow you to express your style in all its facets.

trendy accessory for the summer and beyond, IZMEE steel bottles become not only an eco-friendly accessory, but also an iconographic element of one’s outfit. In the coverage by Vanity Fair, the emphasis is on the Red Troops and Holy Bloom steel bottles, which are characterised as a mixture of glam and “barock”, but the IZMEE collections represent much more than this, with options available to interpret every nuance of one’s personality.